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Welcome to Saint George's

New to St. George'sSt. George's Episcopal Church, growing rapidly and graced with a complex of new buildings, is a diverse, suburban congregation in Germantown, TN, near Memphis in the heart of the Mid-South.

Thank you very much for visiting our website! If you are considering a new church home, we would be delighted to have you join us. If you are simply seeking information about the parish, we hope you find this site helpful.
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Stewardship Campaign 2016 - 2017

Stewardship Update

This past Sunday, November 13, we celebrated our Stewardship Homecoming/Ingathering by bringing forward pledges of time, talent and treasure and joining in a celebratory meal.  We are well on our way to our goal of 180 gifts for the coming year.  These gifts are critical to helping us meet some key program needs, including finding a replacement for Chandler Whitman, our former Curate and associate priest to Mother Dorothy. 

Stewardship Letter 2016-2917 

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In the Spirit of Stewardship

At the Ministry Fair last month, you had an opportunity to learn more about the exciting and bountiful ministries at St. George's. There is truly a ministry (or two) for all of us to give to and grow in, whether it be through our time, talent, treasure....or all three. As we celebrate the ministries at St. George's, we are reminded these would not be possible without God's gifts to us and our own unselfish gifts in return.

Giving of one's time, talent and treasure is not a passive process but one dependent on a conscious action. Jesus speaks to this action throughout his messages and parables. He teaches us "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Contrary to the too often prevalent "receiving is all that matters" attitude within
our society, the act of giving has tremendous rewards. These rewards are manifested in emotional, financial, relational and spiritual dimensions.

Our gift of time.
Time is something we never have enough of; all of us want more. So, how much time do you set aside for God? How often do you pray? Meditate? How about time for family and friends and those in need? Our time on earth is limited and it seems to accelerate as we age. So, perhaps we should be better stewards of this time and make the most of it through efforts to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Whether it be teaching a class, participating in a ministry or outreach activity,
making time to work with our children and youth, feeding and helping the needy; these all require a commitment. Absent a commitment to action, time will escape us as will the opportunities to give.

Our gift of talent. We are all blessed with talents by God, even if we may not yet have discovered all of them. Perhaps you have a particular skill or trade that could help our church or one of the area ministries we support. Whether your particular talent is in music, leadership, teaching or some other area, there are certainly many opportunities at St. George's to engage those talents to the glory of God.

Our gift of treasure "But, it's my money----I worked hard for it!"
Not quite. Remember, everything we have is a gift from God. As Christians we have been assigned the duty and granted the privilege of managing a certain amount of money. Thus each of us is a steward of God's astounding creation. A faithful steward seeks proper use of these gifts. God is not critical of those who seek to make a good living and enjoy the fruits of their labor; but when we focus on giving to others we get what we have wanted to find all along--we get what Adam and Eve lost...we get a closer walk with our Creator.

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